During my last weekly meeting with one of my mentors, I admitted that I was a bad GSOCer ‘cause I was terribly overcommited. And ‘tis true…missed out last weeks post ‘cause was flailing under todos for my grad school career and ‘cause I’ve been mentoring high schoolers all summer and their end of year poster was due Friday. I also taught 20 of them for a week and am now buried under a mound of grading. This is about the moment when I’m quite thankful that my advisors are quasi-academics as they understand this well. But I did get something done last week:


which is the very common use case of:

fig, ax = plt.subplots()
ax.plot(['a', 'c', 'e'], label="plot 1")
ax.plot(['a', 'b', 'd'], label="plot 2")
ax.plot(['b', 'e', 'd'], label="plot3")

This PR is held up by my premature adoption of Pytest; while matplotlib is moving towards it, the codebase doesn’t yet support it. My other PR is stuck in review. I’ve also moved my todo list to the issue tracker on my fork of matplotlib.